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2010: The Emergence Of The Phoenix | A Year In Photos | Part 1 of 3

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2010 has been an amazing year. There has been so much love, so much fun, and so many photos. Friends and loved ones have come and gone. Seasons have run their courses. We took a plethora of photos. To give you an idea of the scale of the amount of work we did, our camera […]

2010 has been an amazing year. There has been so much love, so much fun, and so many photos. Friends and loved ones have come and gone. Seasons have run their courses. We took a plethora of photos. To give you an idea of the scale of the amount of work we did, our camera was clicked over 130,000 times! We also created over 400 gigabytes of digital image data. We’d like to take you on a month by month recap of our work this year and wethink it might take a while, so let’s get started. :) To avoid confusion, I’ll tell you now that descriptions will be posted under the relevant photo.


January was tough month for us. Just settling in after a difficult and expensive move, photography was not entirely in our focus. Still fresh on the scene, we had a lot to learn about our selves and our gear.

January 31 2010 – One of our favourite bands, The Blue Hit, played at Stubb’s BBQ indoor stage. The show was great and although there wasn’t much light, we managed to get a few good shots. This one is from the balcony. The Blue Hit was playing in support of their new album Move In. Amanda’s mom had just come to stay with us for a while and the content of the album seemed eerily relevant.

January 18, 2010 – This image was the first image we’d ever sold. The Ballet Austin sign you see in the center of the photo was manufactured by our dear friends at Building Image Group. Charlie Jones, President of Building Image Group has been of immeasurable support to us. He probably is one of the single most important reasons we’ve been able to achieve the success that we have achieved so quickly. He’s given us indispensable advice, paid us generously for our work, introduced us to tons of important contacts, and welcomed us into his family. Thanks Charlie. :) The photo is a High Dynamic Range image of the Ballet Austin building with very dramatic clouds over a yellow and blue sunset. You can also see a waning moon in the upper right corner of the image.

January 24, 2100 – We helped our lifelong friend Erika celebrate her 24th birthday by having a party on her and Kyle’s apartment deck, then dancing the night away at The Highball!


February, the month of Love and one of our favourite months. We began work on developing our scented candle company, Lit Candles in February of 2010 and thus we didn’t do much photography. Attempting to start two businesses at once proved to be extremely challenging but we somehow muddled through and gained notoriety in both the candle and photography fields.

February 12, 2010 – We purchased our first macro lens, the Tokina 35mm F2.8 Nikon Mount and promptly took close up pictures of everything we could find. This is a UV spectrum CFL bulb otherwise known as a blacklight. Blacklights are a key component in our studio work.

February 13, 2010 – Continuing the exploration of the capabilities of our macro lens, we ventured into the neighborhood. Behind our house there is a large abandoned, rusting earth mover. Normally people would consider it an eye-sore but it has become, in our minds, an irreplaceable monument. When we first moved to this house, we went to examine this hulking, lifeless piece of construction equipment and we found life all around it and even inside of it. There is a pretty good size tree growing right through the middle of it! We decided it needed a name and thus we dubbed it Brutus. And so it was. This shot is a closeup of some of the scratches in Brutus’ metal body. It’s titled Ancient Wounds.

We also experimented with infared photography in the early part of 2010, a style we will surely explore further in 2011.

Where there’s white light, there’s also a rainbow. :)

This one is titled Life On The Edge Of A Canyon

By the end of February, Spring was just beginning to peek out from the dull browns of Winter and things were notably calmer.


March is when things really began picking up for us in regards to photography. The weather got warmer and things got greener and we spent more time outside. We began experimenting with time lapse video and made a short clip of us working in the garden, along with some other scenes. Unique flowers and plants are things we enjoy photographing and there were lots of them to be seen in the spring of 2010.

March 1, 2010 – Gabe began working in downtown Austin every day in this month and architecture became a much more prominent component of his life. This image is of the J. J. Jake Pickle building on 8th street in downtown Austin.

We love to explore the detail of nature!

4 PM on 7th Street, Austin, Texas

In March, we were delighted to find that we had a mature peach tree that was preparing to fruit! Peach blossoms are absolutely breathtaking.


April was a pretty quiet month but there were a few fun birthdays! We continued focusing on Lit Candles development in April and even began producing production units with laser etched labels!

Fashion Shoot with Christy

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Source: Shot for submission to Austin Fashion Week:


Shot for submission to Austin Fashion Week: